Handcrafted Surfboard with funky design

New Handcrafted Surfboard with funky design for Spring sessions.

Finally!! The new handcrafted surfboard has arrived 🙂 So stoked!

It has a great looking outline with slight single to double concave bottom. With its wider nose more volume is added to the front of the board for easier paddling and wave catching. Great for waves that have some push. Designed to be ridden in waist high to a bit over head waves.

The idea for the board came when I was talking to our shaper Saquá, a skillful craftsman who shapes with determination and lots of love. He shapes all Surf2smile surfboards by hand one by one and he always has a great collection of new models at his factory/shaping room. And there was this surfboard in the corner of the factory that somehow got my attention. I picked it up and loved the outline straightaway. I always believed there is a special link between certain surfboards and the surfer. Sometimes half a minute is enough for that bond to be created when you know for sure that this surfboard in-particular will do magic in the water. So, to make this story short, my handcrafted surfboard was ready one month later and the shaper/artist put a nice funky design on top. Thank you!! 🙂

Can’t wait to try it out! All it needs now is some wax and then straight to the water!!

Surf’s Up 🙂


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