The whole concept of our surf school is based on adventure, safety and fun. Being based in Praia da Areia Branca, between Peniche and Ericeira, our location plays a great role here since the area offers perfect conditions to learn to surf in uncrowded and friendly environment. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate surfer we will take your surfing to the next level.

Your surf experience will be fun and challenging at the same time. Safety is a priority and all surf lessons are held in safe and fun conditions. You will notice fast progress with our personal approach and systematic coaching. You will train surfing techniques, learn all about waves, weather, tides, currents and other related topics. Teaching methods include video analysis and surf yoga. Learn to surf or improve your level in authentic location with professional surf coaching. We make sure that at the end of the day everyone leaves the beach with a taste of salt water and a big smile on their face. That is the reason we named our surf camp Surf2smile.

Beginner surf lessons

If you want to learn to surf and have never surfed before, or you have surfed for two weeks a while ago, then here is where you will start. Our main goal is to teach you to stand up on a surfboard, control the ride by shifting weight and turn both sides on the whitewater. Students who progress faster will be able to experience surfing green waves in smaller conditions. At this level our goal is to pass on the basic skills so you can catch as many waves as possible while having fun and share the stoke.

Intermediate surf lessons

We call this level “the outside group” since you will learn how to navigate the lineup and catch green waves. After managing “the drop” we will teach you to turn and ride the face of the wave and trimming.

Why surf with us?

  • We practice what we preach and are absolutely stoked about surfing
  • Our surf coaches are highly qualified and friendly
  • More than a decade of experience
  • Unique location with uncrowded waves and world class spots nearby
  • separate surf classes for different levels
  • small groups and personalized approach
  • great vibe and family atmosphere (check our reviews on Instagram, Facebook or Google)


This is an important coaching tool and a crucial part of our surf lessons. After the session in the water we watch the footage on the big screen in our surf house, where your instructor will evaluate your performance and give you tips on how to improve faster. All of our surf coaches are FPS (Portuguese surfing federation) or ISA (International Surfing Association) qualified, have many years of teaching experience and possess great knowledge of local surf spots. With Surf2smile surf school you will be in competent care!



Arrival day & Welcome meeting


Surf school starts! Group formation according to your level of surfing


Surf lesson; afternoon free or group dinner in the evening


Surf lesson followed by video analysis in the evening


Surf lesson; afternoon free or sightseeing trip upon request


Surf lesson; afternoon free


Free surf; walk to the waves from our beach house


Departure day



Two surf lessons per day; 1,5 hour each; afterwards free surfing


Fully qualified and friendly surf coaches


Transport to the beach in our VW vans


Surfboard and wetsuit


One video analysis per week


Sport insurance for the time of surf lessons


With our enthusiastic and personal approach, you will experience exciting and fun moments on the waves. Our surf school is for all levels and ages. Classes consist of theoretical and practical part and are given in small groups. Besides practicing in the water, we also carry out dry-land training sessions backed up by video analysis for you to see your performance. We will construct every surf lesson in a way for you to know exactly why you are learning a specific skill and how it will improve your surfing. You will be coached directly in the water where every move will be demonstrated. A lot of attention is given to safety and ocean characteristics. We take you to the most appropriate surf breaks according to your personal level of surfing and provide you with the most proper equipment which will be available to you for your entire stay. You will also learn to read weather charts and be able to predict when and where the surf is going to happen. Join us for surf lessons at our surf school Portugal!



Surf school starts in springtime for Easter. At this time there is plenty of sun with warm days, so bring flip-flops and shorts. The small picturesque village of Santa Cruz by the coastline gets lively, the water temperatures start rising and the waves get progressively smaller.


The weather is great and the waves are fun. There are many concerts and festivals everywhere with memorable nightlife. Summer time is the perfect season for surf holidays in Portugal with wonderful conditions for beginner surf lessons, since the waves are softer and smaller.


It is time for great surf and good weather. The water is still warm and the best surfers in the world come to the town of Peniche in October, which means a huge spectacle for the fans with deep barrels and airs. At this time of the year expect even more surfaris to numerous surf spots our region has to offer.


The surf school is closed during wintertime.


Training for your Surf Holidays

Surfing is one of the most enjoyable activities to practice. It is also a fantastic way to get fit and stay in shape. In case you do not have the time or opportunity to surf before your trip, we have put together a few tips to improve your performance. If you wish to maximize your satisfaction and progress faster, you should consider doing some preparation before going on holiday.


The best exercise to prepare for surfing is surfing itself. If you are not afforded the luxury of surfing, then go paddling. Without paddling endurance, you might spend too much time recovering on your surf trip. If paddling is also not an option, try swimming. If you do not have access to a pool or sea, try running. You will need to practice endurance in order to surf better.


Perform a range of crunches and crunch variations, prone bridge, lateral (side) bridge, supine bridge, pelvic thrusts, etc.


Try different variations of push-ups. Start with a standard push-up to strengthen your entire chest area and shoulders. If these are too difficult for you, try to do them from your knees. Knee push-ups are the easiest to do, since a lot of your own body weight rests on the ground with your knees. In addition, try incline/decline push-ups. To perform incline/decline push-ups, raise/lower your head and upper body above/bellow your feet.


Increased flexibility and better range of motion of the joints will allow you to surf much better. Furthermore, stretching or yoga session a day will loosen your muscles and joints. You will be able to make maneuvers with greater ease and it might save you from injury as well.


While watching surf videos won’t make you surf like a professional, it might help you understand the necessary technique and moves. Plus, it is really fun!


If you are looking for a fulfilling experience, new friendships and most of all, memorable surf holidays, then join us for an unforgettable adventure!

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