What to pack when attending a week of surf camp in Portugal

Attending a week of surf camp in Portugal promises an exhilarating experience for both beginners and seasoned surfers alike. Portugal’s stunning coastline, world-class waves, and vibrant surf culture make it an ideal destination for those looking to catch the perfect wave. To ensure you make the most of your surf camp adventure, careful packing is needed. Let’s go through the list of essential items you should pack for a week of surf camp in Portugal.

What to pack - List of essential items

Surf gear

The most crucial items to pack are your surf essentials. These include:

  1. Surfboard: If you have your own board, bring it along. Otherwise, our surf camp provides surfboards suitable for different skill levels.
  2. Wetsuit: Portugal’s Atlantic waters can be chilly, even during summer. Pack a good-quality wetsuit appropriate for the season and water temperatures. A 4/3mm wetsuit should suffice for most conditions. In case you do not have your own, we will provide one for you.
  3. Leg rope: Don’t forget to bring a leash to secure your board to your ankle. It ensures that your board doesn’t drift away when you wipe out. We have a large stock of high quality surf material for guests to rent and use during surf lessons.
  4. Wax: Do not worry, as you will use the one our surf school provides. Surf wax is used to improve the traction between your feet and the board.


When it comes to clothing, keep it casual and comfortable. Remember to pack:

  1. Boardshorts/Bikinis: Pack a few pairs of boardshorts for men or bikinis for women. Look for quick-drying materials and opt for designs that won’t hinder your movements while surfing or when using under your wetsuit.
  2. Rash guard: A long-sleeved rash guard is useful for protecting your skin from sunburn and board rashes. It also provides an extra layer of insulation in colder water.
  3. T-shirts/Tank Tops: Bring a few lightweight t-shirts and tank tops for casual wear during your downtime.
  4. Hoodie/Jacket: Evenings in Portugal can get chilly, so it’s wise to pack a hoodie or jacket for warmth.
  5. Windstopper: for the days when the wind picks up.
  6. Underwear and Socks: Pack enough underwear and socks to last the week.


When it comes to footwear, simplicity is key. Include the following items:

  1. Flip-Flops/Sandals: Essential for walking around and for protecting your feet from hot sand.
  2. Sneakers/Trainers: Bring a pair of comfortable sneakers or trainers for any land-based activities or exploring the nearby areas. You will need them for sure if you’re joining us from October to April.

Accessories and Miscellaneous Items:

  1. Sunscreen: Protect your skin from the intense Portuguese sun by packing a high SPF sunscreen. We have water resistant sun sticks for sale in case you don’t find a quality sunscreen at your local store at home.
  2. Sunglasses: Essential for shielding your eyes from the sun’s glare while out on the water or at the beach.
  3. Hat/Cap: A wide-brimmed hat or a cap will provide additional protection from the sun.
  4. Towel: Pack a lightweight and quick-drying towel for drying off after a surf session.
  5. Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is crucial, so bring a reusable water bottle that you can refill throughout the day.
  6. Toiletries: Don’t forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and other personal care items.
  7. First Aid Kit: It’s always wise to have a basic first aid kit containing band-aids, antiseptic ointment, and any personal medications you may require.
Packing the right items for your surf camp adventure in Portugal will ensure you have an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. From surf essentials to clothing and accessories, consider the specific needs of the sport and the local climate. By packing smartly, you’ll be ready to ride the waves, soak up the sun, and make lasting memories in one of Europe’s premier surf destinations. Enjoy your surf camp experience in beautiful Portugal!


If you are looking for a fulfilling experience, new friendships and most of all, memorable surf holidays, then join us for an unforgettable adventure!

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