9 reasons to visit our Surfcamp Portugal

There’s plenty of reasons you should visit our surfcamp Portugal and take surf lessons with us

Reason No. 1Portugal has good waves year-round

With such a diverse coastline it is possible to learn to surf every time you decide to visit. You will find the surfing conditions probably very different if you arrive in August as opposed to January. However, chances are there will be conditions suitable for a surf lesson.


Reason No. 2: The water is not too cold even in the winter

Many will argue that water temperatures in Portugal are not as pleasant even in the summer, as opposed to SW France. However, the temperature range is surprisingly narrow and wintertime will see temperatures between 13 and 15 degrees Celsius.

Reason No. 3: Relaxed vibe

Life in Portugal is pretty stress free and easy going. People are generally nice and welcoming. It is a great place to just enjoy the good life in every way. Indulge yourself to aromas and flavors of gastronomy and wines, the music, countless wellness options and just let yourself go.

Reason No. 4: Lots of other activities

There’s much you can do when you’re not in the lineup. Day cruises, walking tours, 4WD tours, bus tours, sight-seeing, visit cultural heritage, palaces or medieval towns, going to a concert or festival… the list is endless. The countless festivals like Santo António, will see huge groups of locals and tourists enjoying in the Portuguese traditions.


If you’re more of an adventurous type, several coastal trails might be of interest to you, such as Cabo da Roca which is one of the most famous in all of Europe and sits in the west of Portugal. A Unesco protected Sintra Natural Park is known for its pretty scenery and cultural heritage.

Reason No. 5: Year-round surf destination

From mushy summer waves to intimidating Nazare spectacle, there’s always a wave to catch. Sure, summer time is the main season for foamy style surfing when most of the tourists decide to give surfing a try. However, with several exposed beaches, you will find waves that pack a punch even in this time of the year. Winter might be nice and sunny with clean ground swells or wet and windy with low pressure storms hitting the coast. It is often the time of the year to check out more protected spots.

Ah, you can go for SUP paddle boarding as well 🙂


Reason No. 6: Variety of coastline

A great thing about Portugal is the diversity of coastline and unique characteristics of different regions. From reefs and point breaks of Ericeira, consistency and wave quality of Peniche, hidden gems of the North to sunny and exotic South. Our location enables our surfcamp guests to enjoy the best waves in Portugal, as well as being able to escape the crowds and discover the hidden gems.

Reason No. 7: Gastronomy

Maybe not technically related to surf lessons. However, after a few hours spent in the water you will most likely appreciate unique culinary tradition.

Portugal’s cuisine is heavily influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to seafood and fish. Grilled sardines are and iconic summer dish and who doesn’t like octopus salad? Maybe you fancy a more traditional recipe with codfish, which can be prepared in a wide variety of ways.

There’s also a fish market within walking distance from our surfcamp Portugal, where they sell local veggies and fruit as well. In case you visit for the time of one of local festivals, you’ll be able to experience top notch recipes while attending the traditional festivities.



Reason No. 8: Wines

Seriously! The wines are awesome and they are cheap. You will get spoiled for choice and variety. Besides the most famous Port wine, there are several high-quality options, especially from the regions of Alentejo and Douro. Wine tourism is on the upswing in the recent years, where it is possible to taste wines, observe the wine production process and enjoy the fantastic walks in beautiful wine yards.

Reason No. 9: Surf2smile surfcamp Portugal

Why join us? We consider ourselves one of the most passionate surf schools in Portugal and we put great effort in quality surf coaching. Most guests are blown away by the amount of knowledge they get from our weekly surf lessons program. Everybody is different and we aim to adapt our teachings to your needs. We encourage you to give it a try.



If you are looking for a fulfilling experience, new friendships and most of all, memorable surf holidays, then join us for an unforgettable adventure!

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